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Did you know that May is Scotch Whisky Month? The Scotts have all the luck . . . I think we here in the States should officially declare May whisky month as well (not least because it’s my b-day in a few weeks and a few local dram festivals around my birthday sounds perfect).

Some of our favorite whisky blogs have new tasting notes posted. Be sure to check out these links on a lazy Sunday:

  • The Whisky Exchange Blog has tasting notes on yet another independent bottling of a cult favorite: Old Bothwell Port Ellen 1982 Cask 2729.
  • Malt Advocate’s John Hansell notes that the Highland Park 21 Year Old is going to drop from 47.5% ABV to 40% ABV. He advises HP fans to buy their bottle at the traditional ABV now while they still can.
  • WhiskyFun has two new tastings on their website: a comparison of two unusual blends, and an EXCELLENT post comparing four Laphroaig 18 Year Olds. Those of you stateside will likely know that the Laphroaig 15 year old (my favorite) is being discontinued and the 18 year old will soon take it’s place, retailing at about $100. In this post, he compares the new Official Bottling to three independent bottlings from Hart Brothers, Signatory and Berry Bros. Rudd.

2 Responses

  1. Do you think that the 15-year old Laphroaig will go up in value as a collectors item, then?

    • Not too sure. It’s been in circulation for a long time, and it’s demise has been well publicized. I think it will take a while for a bottle of the 15 year to really mature as an investment.

      That said, it’s so (relatively) cheap at $75 per bottle, that you’re not taking that huge a risk to put a bottle in the back of the closet for a decade or so . . .

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