5 Tasting Notes – A’bunadh, Asyla, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and LaSanta, and Laphroaig 10 Year Cask Strength

Hi all.

I’m honored to be posting here. I’m very new to the world of Uisge, but love to throw back drams with WhiskyParty and the DodgyDrammer. I hope to get much better at posting tasting notes, but figured I’d put down what i have from a night with friends. We decide to taste unchill filtered scotches and/or cask-strength scotches. My favorite of the night was the Laphroaig.

Tasting, April 28th, 2009.

Aberlour a’bunadh, Unchill-filtered Cask Strength
Color : dark amber. Blood dripped in water.
Legs : Medium, Quick
Nose: sandalwood, sherry
Taste : Dark Cherries, chocolate covered blueberries, field grass
Finish: sharp, long, no smoke, puckering

Asyla (compass box)

Color : clear, very pale yellow
Legs : Thick, quick legs.
Nose : Paint remover, vanilla, burnt sugar
Palette:rock candy, glazed donut, fresh cut grass, citrus
Finish : Short, bitter, not extremely satisfying

Glenmorangie The LaSanta (Sherry Cask)

Color : Reddish pale gold
Legs : thick and quick. Dumps like a truck.
Nose : French Toast, rotten strawberries, rhubarb
Palette : Wine, plum tart, saltiness
Finish: Short, late
Sherry overpowers.
Nose: greens/grass comes out, running lawn mower (engine overheat?)
Palette: Not much else. Even less. Maybe a bit more fruit
Finish: Nothing, bitter after a couple of seconds.

Glenmorangie, The Quinta Ruban (port cask)
Color: auburn gold, really wants to be golden but reflects the dark red
Legs:medium beads, medium slow.
Nose: sweet, dark chocolate, PORT!!!, opens ups into port with water.
Palette: Cherries
Finish: building finish, ends with spice, really doesn’t quit, gets fruity after the spice.

Michael Couvreur
Color: muddled brown water from leaves, rust
Legs: small beads, quick
Nose:Chalk Dust, Blunt
Palette: sweet, sharp, earthy
Finish: bright finish, one firework and then out, not too complex.

Laphroaig 10 year cask strength

Color: pinkish yellow, orange
Legs: small and slow
Nose: engine oil, leftover campfire
Palette: coal, complex, Phenols!, I just ate a cough drop while discovering coal deposits in my back yard after smoking a pig in my smoker, iodine
Finish: coughing smoke. A lingering biting finish. A


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  1. Interesting selection. Of these, I’ve only tried the Quinta Ruban, which was one of the first bottles of whisky I ever owned. I would heartily recommend it to people. A very tasty scotch.

    I own a Michel Couvreur, but it is the 12 Year Old pale Single-Single (single malt, single barrel). It’s a pale gold in color and it is all honey through and through. Tasty, but not very complex and not worth the $70 I paid for it.

    • Yeah. I was not impressed with the Couvreur, and really wanted to like it. I’m assuming we had the pale single=single (though it wasn’t marked anywhere except just to say Michel Couvreur Single Malt Whisky).

      I had heard a lot about it, and how he does cool stuff with the uisge once he brings it to France, but it was really lackluster, and was totally one note. That one note wasn’t even that great.

  2. Welcome to the party. Vey nice notes. I wouldn’t say we’re sticklers for arithmetic here, but I’m pretty sure you’ve got six (6) scotches there.

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