Ardbeg Supernova Sells Out, Sets Record, is once again, Really Peaty

Supernova, An Explosion Gone in a Second

Supernova, An Explosion Gone in 112 Minutes

Ardbeg Supernova, which WhiskyParty posted about before, has just sold out (or, at least the advance release).  You miss it, too?  The spirit that is 40% more peaty than Ardbeg 10, sold 3000 bottles in 112 minutes, online.  At a cost of 80 pounds, that’s 240,000 pounds in 112 minutes, or stateside, revenue of $3,242 per minute. If you like liquid measurements, 18.75 liters per minute (once again, stateside, you just drank 4.95 gallons of tasty uisge per minute).

Miss yours?  It is supposedly launching again tomorrow (May 6th).  Join their committee to try and get dibs.

Read the original article here.

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